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January Media

January Media is a boutique company that is aimed at bloggers.

With brand content on the rise, companies are after high-quality work from everyone they work with. It’s easy to miss a typo or the incorrect use of their, there or they’re; sometimes you just need a fresh eye!

That’s where January Media comes in.

Proofreading Services

With a degree in English and Creative Writing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Law, I have a lot of experience with spotting errors and making sure that the sentences make sense!

I started proofreading at university, where I would check my friends’ essays before they were handed in and had my first paid customer in around 2010.

Interested in any of the following? Email me HERE to create the perfect package for you and your blog.

Instagram Posts

Yep, that’s right! I’m offering proofreading for Instagram captions.

Instagram is a huge money maker for brands and your captions are what helps that happen. It could be a bit of a buzzkill to submit your well-thought out post to a brand for them to notice that you’ve made a typo or forgotten to include the brand name.


Cost: £1 per caption

Blog Posts

With longer posts becoming more popular, it’s easy to miss out on typos and repeated words. You won’t notice it because you wrote it – the brain will read what it thinks is there, not what you actual wrote!

So let me have a read over everything to make sure it’s perfect before you hit that ‘Publish’ button.

Cost: from £5 (dependant on length of post)


I’ve purchased my fair share of eBooks that promise to give me the secret to building a blog, or improving my reach on Pinterest, and all of them have had typos in them.

eBooks are the perfect way for you to share your knowledge with others, so let me share my knowledge with you and make sure that it’s word perfect.

Cost: from £20 (dependant on word count)

Audio Typing

Are you writing a book or having to type up your interviews? I know how long it can take, and how you start to dislike your own voice after a while (hello editing YouTube videos!)

Why not just let me do it?

All you need to do is send me your audio file and I’ll type it up into a Word document. If there are any parts that I can’t hear (perhaps due to background noise), these will be marked for you to check.

Cost: £2.50 per minute of audio

Any of these taken your fancy? Why not EMAIL ME and let’s work out something!


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