Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil Review*

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This post was originally posted whilst blogging with Tralisty. Originally posted 24/4/19.

A REALLY long time ago (sorry!), I was approached by Forest & Shore to test their Hallelujah Hair Oil and was GIFTED* a bottle.

I’m always so hesitant to try new products on my hair because I’m worried it won’t work! What if my hair is a greasy, lanky mess? What if it all falls out?? Yeah extreme, but you know what I mean…

On Straightened Hair…

Now I’m not normally one for oils.

When I first tried the Hallelujah Hair Oil, I was still straightening my hair (I’ve been a Curly Girl since August 2018) so it just didn’t work. No matter how much I tried, my scalp would throw a hissy fit. It would either produce WAY more oil than normal or produce nothing at all so my scalp was as dry as the desert. There was no happy medium.

I put the hair oil back into its box and put it under my bed, hoping I’ll be able to use it again one day.

On Natural Hair…

When I started my curly hair journey, I rediscovered the oil and decided to see how it reacted with my natural hair.

I started cautiously, not wanting to overload my hair with oil after all my hard work getting it to its current state but the problem with that was that I couldn’t see results as quickly as I’d hoped. I was putting tiny amounts of oil on after every wash then decided to take the plunge and apply as much as I thought I needed.

Well Hallelujah!

There’s a reason why its called Hallelujah Hair Oil…

Firstly, it smells AMAZING. I’m reminded of lemon and lavender when I unscrew the lid and I just have to smell it. It’s not one of those really strong, clinical smells that you get with a lot of organic products (you know the one I mean!) and blends in so well with my other products that it’s the perfect accompaniment to the rest of my routine.

Secondly, it comes with a pipette in the lid so it’s easy to put it right on your scalp. I can put it exactly where I need it, which is normally right at the front by my forehead, behind my ears and at the nape of my neck. Yeah, I don’t know why these bits are the driest and the itchiest, but there you go!

If it’s feeling super dry, I’ll put a few pipettes all over my scalp and massage it in, then put a few drops in my hands and run them over my hair for added moisture.

Finally, the gorgeous packaging. It’s so Instagram-friendly that Forest & Shore are really reaching for the beauty-obsessed millennials! Frosted glass bottle, neutral colours… It fits in with everything else we want on our white dressing tables.

What else could you want? Oh yeah, the price. It’s only £15.99. Go and buy it.

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