About This January Girl

Hi everyone and welcome to This January Girl!

I’m Naomi, a 28-year-old lifestyle blogger from Birmingham who can often be found with a cuppa and a packet of strawberry laces next to her.

My life is kinda like my hair.

For years I wanted it to be different, but now I embrace it.


Lifestyle blogging can be about SO many things, which is the beauty of it!

Here on This January Girl, you’ll find blogs on curly hair, purse friendly style and creating a life that sets your soul on fire.


In 2012, I completed a degree in English and Creative Writing and then went on to study the Graduate Diploma in Law in 2013-14. I adored learning about the law, but my heart always came back to writing.

I started a blog (Tralisty) at the end of 2016 when I went to Australia on a Working Holiday and completely fell in love with blogging. Two years later, I rebranded to create This January Girl which opens a door into the life of an ordinary girl.

What Else?

Alongside This January Girl, I have also created a couple of side projects that go hand-in-hand with this little blog.

January Media is where you can find all of your proofreading needs fulfilled, with create-your-own packages to suit every budget.

January Events focuses on bringing bloggers together. Whether it’s a monthly coffee meet up, or something a little more different, you’re bound to find something that you’ll enjoy.

The Bujo Box is the perfect box for someone who is just starting their bullet journal journey. Don’t worry – everything you need is in the box!


You can find This January Girl on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube!

January Media can be found HERE and on Twitter.

January Events can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

The Bujo Box can be found HERE and on Instagram.



This January Girl

Here, you'll find posts to help you Live Out Loud, being unapologetically you in a world that is trying to put you in a box.



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